Sunday, May 27, 2012

Aidan Comes "Home" to the Hotel

Aidan and I have been hard at work since Thursday so he could get released. We had a great day on Thursday and tried rooming in Thursday night. Unfortunately, it proved to be too much too fast and we had a rough night. Friday wasn't much better and Mommy stayed at the hotel after feeding him all day so we both could get some much needed rest. I fed him all day on Saturday and he was back on track so we tried rooming in again. Last night went really well and he was released this afternoon. We went to see Ava after he was released and they were able to lay next to each other again. They really seemed to like it and he again had a huge smile on his face. When they lay side by side, it is remarkable how much bigger he looks. She is definitely very dainty and he is much more masculine looking, but they do have very similar features. We have enjoyed spending time as a family at the hotel this afternoon and evening and long for the day we can all be together. Ava continues to do well and we look forward to spending time with her again tomorrow. Daddy saw her for the first time since they took her breathing tube out and he couldn't believe how different she looks. He went to see her again tonight and tomorrow he hopes he will get to hold her now that he is on the mend.  Enjoy the rest of the long weekend and thanks so much for the prayers. They are working!

Aidan sleeping after Daddy put him in the car seat. 

First stroller ride. Doesn't he look tiny!!

Daddy with Aidan outside the hospital on the way to the hotel. 

One of Ava's favorite nurses, Peggy, putting Aidan in with Ava this afternoon. 

Aidan and Ava with their hands touching. 

Aidan smiling because he is so happy to see his sister. 

Aidan smiled several times while we were there. I think she might have been telling him jokes.
Grandpa DeShaw would be proud. 

Pink and blue. Doesn't she look small next to him? She is right at 5 pounds and he is at 6 pounds. 


  1. So adorable Chris and it was so good to hear from Brad today! I know you guys have been busy and I can't wait to see them and spoil them rotten!
    Love Ya Lots!
    Little C and the rest of the Schaefers

  2. Oh.....I can't wait to see them. They are so precious. LOVE Aidan's is pricless.
    See ya soon, Wendy

  3. So happy for all of you!! Hope your first night "at home" went well and that Ava will soon be able to join :) Love the pictures and updates! Prayers still going out for each of you. Love - Mary Jo and Family

  4. Love love love the fact that Aidan smiles when he sees brings tears to my eyes...what a bond. Blessings to you all and continue to think of you all!

  5. What a week you have had! Your babies are growing and growing! I hope Aidan is settling in and it sounds like Ava is anxious to go home too!

    Thinking of your cute little family lots! Those pictures of the two of them together are priceless!