Monday, May 21, 2012

Aidan's First Bath with Mommy and Daddy

I was finally released from the hospital today and although I am feeling a little rough, I couldn't wait to see Ava and Aidan. Nothing cheers me up more than seeing their sweet little faces. Before I was admitted, we had planned on giving Aidan a bath and I was so bummed we weren't able to as planned. However, Adian's nurse, Mandy, was great and set everything up so we could tonight. We gave him what is called a swaddle bath and although he wasn't sure at first, he ended up loving the warm water. He did great and smelled so sweet once we were done.

Let the games begin. Our first attempt at a bath. We hope he likes it!

Daddy getting ready to put him in the water. Here goes nothing!

Maybe this was a bad idea. Aidan is not happy!

Wait a minute...this water is nice and warm. I think I like it!

Aidan is so relaxed he doesn't even notice Daddy washing his face. 

All clean and still sleeping. First swaddle bath a success!

Worn out and fast asleep. Snug as a bug! So cute! (On his tummy only because he is in the NICU and hooked up to monitors. Mommy was nervous about it at first.)

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  1. Aww, the bathtime pictures are adorable! Aidan looks like such a sweetheart and Ava such an angel! Thinking of you always and thanks for sharing! Theresa Ellison