Sunday, May 20, 2012

Holding Strong

I am happy to report that Ava and Aidan are both doing well. I was hospitalized again on Friday, so I haven't been able to post any updates. I am still in the hospital, but am hoping to be released tomorrow. Brad has been super husband/dad running from each of our three rooms. I am on the opposite end of the hospital from the kids so he is getting a good workout every day. Aidan continues to work on eating and while he is getting better, he has some more work to do. He is such a sweetheart and continues to love looking at his fingers and moving them around. He pulled his feeding tube out again today, so those fingers can get him into trouble. :) He loves to look at me with those big blue eyes and I just melt in a second. Daddy has been changing his diapers, taking his temp and kangerooing with him while he gets his feeding tube. As you will see in the picture below, their favorite past time together is sleeping while Aidan gets his tube. At the rate he is going, we are hoping he will get released next week sometime. However, as with Ava, we just want him to go at his own pace.

Ava is also doing really well. They have been working on trying to get her off of the breathing tube since they closed her chest. They were going to try it on Saturday, but her lungs just weren't ready. They are continuing to monitor how she is doing and may try again tomorrow. Such is such an angel and we love it when she moves her arms and legs or opens her eyes when we visit. Today she cried a little while we were there, which was heart breaking to see. However, her amazing nurse, Loren, said it is important for her lungs that she cry a little just like a normal baby even though it is hard to watch. Brad and I tried consoling her, but her nurse knew just the trick and she stopped. We long for the day when we can hold our sweet girl, but we want her body to take the time it needs. We are just so thankful her heart is doing so well after the surgery.

Please stay tuned for updates and continue to pray for our little miracles. I will post another update as soon as I can and I hope you enjoy the latest pictures Aidan. I am finally posting some of the pictures of him with all the visitors he has had. I cannot wait to take pictures of everyone holding Ava. Thank you for all the support, encouragement and prayers you continue to send our way. Words cannot express how thankful we are.

Aidan with his cute bear hat on. 

Daddy and Aidan snoozing. 

Aidan yawning. He loves to sleep!

Mommy and Aidan snuggling. 

Daddy and Aidan kangerooing and sleeping. Talk about multitasking! 

Aidan and Uncle Paul who came for a visit from Ohio. 

Aidan with Grandma and Grandpa Weitl. 

Aidan with Grandma DeShaw. 
Aidan with Grandpa DeShaw. 

My dear friend Joy and Brad with Aidan. 


  1. Love the pics...keep em coming! You look great...however most new moms don't look that good so let's see some sleep deprived new mommy pics! Haha I'm sure you wont allow that! Heres to praying that all continues to go well.
    Love ya, the Nelson's

  2. Awesome! So fun to see pics and so glad to hear the updates and how to pray for you guys! You all are such troopers-gives me such joy to see you holding a little one that is yours and we continue to pray that soon you will be able to hold Ava. She's obviously in good hands and I'm sure she's waiting for that moment to be in your arms too. Love to you all!!

  3. What beautiful photos!! It is so wonderful to see you with that new Mamma. Your children are clearly surrounded by so much love, both from near and afar. We can't wait to meet your sweet little miracles. Love you Lisa xo