Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Introducing Aidan and Ava

Aidan and Ava made their debut into the world as scheduled on May 8, 2012. Ava was born first at 8:20 a.m. and was crying even before she was pulled out. She weighed 5 lbs 2 oz and was 17.9 inches long. Aidan was born at 8:21 a.m. and he weighed 5 lbs 4 oz and was 18.5 inches long. We were so relieved to hear both of them crying right after they were born. The c-section went well and Brad was able to be in the room during the delivery, which was a huge relief for me. They held Ava up so we could see her before taking her to her operating room. They kept Aidan in the same room with us after he was born and within minutes of birth, he decided to pee on a nurse. After they had him all checked out Brad was able to hold him over by my head so I could see him close up and hold his little hand. They are both precious and they actually look very similar. We were also very surprised to see that they both have dark hair. The delivery went very well and we were both so happy that Dr. Rose was able to deliver them. Hearing them both cry was music to our ears and it was surreal to think that our babies were finally here after so many months of waiting. The first leg of our long journey for today was complete and now Ava and Aidan's individual journeys began.

Aidan was stabilized quickly and after hanging out with us for awhile in the operating room, daddy went with him to the NICU. Ava was stabilized in her adjoining operating room while Dr. Eidem and Dr. Burkhart did an echo and assessed her heart. They determined that the restriction did present as they anticipated and the full Norwood surgery would be performed. Thankfully she did not have any additional issues and she made it known with her crying and screaming that she is one strong little lady. She was baptized and when her daddy was able to see her for a few quick minutes, the second she heard his voice she calmed down and stopped crying. She is a daddy's girl already and we are so thankful he was able to tell her how much we loved her and that she was in the best possible hands before they started surgery.

Surgery began around 10:20 a.m. and they finished up around 2:30 p.m. Everything went very well and after monitoring her for several hours post-op she was able to go to the cardiac ICU for recovery. Everyone was pleased with how the surgery went and I think were were all amazed at how well she did throughout the day. She has proven to be our little fighter and we are so thankful to everyone who cared for her today. A special thanks to our dream team of Dr. Rose, Dr. Eidem and Dr. Burkhart. The plan they carefully put together was perfect and it is because of their expertise that everything went so well today. We also want to thank all of our amazing friends and family for their love, support, encouragement and prayers. There is no doubt in our mind that God was watching over us today and the fact that Ava did so well today is proof positive of the power of prayer. A huge thank you also to our parents and my amazing friend Joy for being with us today. It meant so much to have you all here with us for Aidan and Ava's big debut.

Ava still has a long journey ahead of her, but we are so thankful that things have gone so well so far and please continue to pray as she now faces a long road to recovery. Please also keep our little Aidan in your prayers. We are thrilled beyond measure with how this day has unfolded and we cannot wait for you to meet our little miracles. Until then, please enjoy a few pictures. I am hoping to update the blog on a daily basis now that I am feeling a little better, so please continue to check for updates and thank you for your patience this week. I had hoped to post earlier, but recovering from a c-section was harder work than I anticipated.

Daddy and Aidan right after Daddy cut the cord. 

Daddy changing his first diaper for Aidan. 

Daddy putting Aidan's outfit and hat on him. 

Our handsome boy swimming in his clothes. When Brad and I packed this, we were sure it would be way too small because it looked like doll clothes. 

Daddy holding our little peanut. He loves to be swaddled. 

Mommy and Aidan enjoying some kangaroo time. My precious peanut!

Our little man posing with his eyes open for Grandpa. Love those blue eyes!

Our precious Ava in the Cardiac ICU. 

Ava's little foot. It is just so tiny!

Our sleepy little heart warrior. 

Ava and Aidan look very similar. We still cannot believe they both have dark hair. 

Ava in the Cardiac ICU with all of her monitors. It is a little scary to see our precious baby hooked up to so many machines, but they are making her feel better with each passing day. We are amazed at her strength!


  1. Christina,

    They are such beautiful babies. WTG! I'm happy for you, Brad and the precious little ones. All four of you are in my thoughts. May all of you continue to dig deep and find the strength needed for all challenges you might face.

    J.R. Ellison

  2. OK, now I'm bawling like a baby. So so precious---I can feel the love just through the blog and the pictures. What a wonderful family! Continued prayers and positive thoughts going your way.

    Hugs, Jane

  3. Love the pictures - your kiddos are so beautiful.