Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rooming In

Aidan and I have been together all day and his feedings have gone really well. Tonight I am "rooming in" with him at the hospital and if all goes well, he will be released tomorrow. It should be an adventure, but I am so excited to have our little peanut "home" at the hotel with us. He weighed 6 pounds today and is doing really well. Now that Ava has her breathing tube out, they should be able to have some more visits which will be great for both of them. Wish us luck tonight and stay tuned.

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  1. Hi friends! It is Kaitlin Gorton from St. Marys. My surgery was the same day the little ones were born. I still remember hearing Ava in the ICU..she is a fighter and I am so glad everyone is on the road to feeling much better! She will go at her own little pace and it sounds like things are going smoothly for her. I love the picture of Aidan's bath. Looks like he really liked it! You are both Super Parents & I know you have many wild & wonderful years ahead with those two. Will be keeping an eye on your blog. Sending hugs from Kansas.